November 2, 2009

Monday: Unexpected—and Delicious—Surprises

I've felt a certain pressure to focus completely on French food, which is ironic since when I'm in major American cities I'm mostly interested in discovering which ethnic foods they do best.

But tonight, I attended a reading by a British author (Michael Smith; really moving and droll) at the ex-pat book shop Shakespeare & Co. I was meeting up with a friend of a friend who works there, and after a lovely chat and some plan-making for later in the week, she pointed me in the direction of some cheap, delicious, quick food in the neighborhood.

I had noticed a bunch of Lebanese restaurants in my neighborhood, so it was no surprise when she recommended one. I ordered this schwarma sandwich and it made me smile. The meat was flavorful, the pita was tender and crunchy on the outside from a trip to the panini press, there were fresh tomatoes and some kind of pickled vegetable business (those of you who know my eating habits well know how I feel about that!), and the whole thing was brought together by what tasted like tahini.

I also nabbed a tiny morsel of pistachio baklava, and it was some of the best I've ever had. Lebanese is officially in my repertoire.

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