November 25, 2009

The Last Supper: French-Moroccan at Les Degres de Notre Dame

My final meal in Paris (besides the croissant I am about to run out and get) featured excellent company, tasty Moroccan flavors and a healthy dose of cheap red wine. Nous partagons (shared—yes, half my new vocab words have to do with ordering food) a tangine with chicken, couscous with various meats and a couple appetizers. They had some of the best harissa I've ever tasted.

I took the long way home, along the Seine, through the city, slightly buzzed. There are few times I've been happier.

Needless to say, it was a lovely end to a lovely trip.

I'll be posting a couple closing thoughts and some file photos once I'm back stateside.

Bon Voyage! (to me)


ceeelcee said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. It has been wholly entertaining to follow along with you!

I'm keeping your Bites chair warm for you if you ever head back down our way.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

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