November 8, 2009

Food Friend: Lee Gets a Buddy

Late Friday night, friend-of-a-friend (and now my friend) Rob arrived from Aix en Provence. He's lived in Paris before, speaks fluent French, and is almost as food-obsessed as yours truly. After a morning coffee and croissant, we spent some time walking around the city, hit up an art exhibit at the L'Institut Du Monde Arabe, and then headed over to Le Marais, the old Jewish neighborhood, for a visit to Finkelsztajn, an amazing old school deli. After a long day, we came back to my place, drank some excellent French wine from the South and then headed to a local—and much beloved—bare-bones Vietnamese place in my neighborhood. It was a good day.

Rue des Rossiers in Le Marais

Finkelsztajn Deli

Big Pletzl Sandwich, ewe's milk bureka, cabbage and corned beef perogi, apple strudel...

Coffee at the Swedish Cultural Center

Wine at my place

Foyer du Vietnam

Glace de passion fruit and coconut.

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