November 5, 2009

Best Thai Food Since Asia? In Paris?! C'est Vrai!

Today, I took the metro out to the edges of the city to visit a rustic park that came highly recommended. There were few people and the views of the city (and Sacre Coeur in particular) were spectacular—it was well worth it. It was also cool to be in a different part of Paris, away from the tourist hordes. After wandering around the park for a bit, I was hungry. I took a peak in my (stupendous) little map/guide book and noticed that "some of the best Thai food in Paris" was about a ten minute walk away. You don't have to tell me twice!

When I arrived at Lao Siam in Belleville, it was packed—always a good sign. After a minor language barrier issue with the waitress (who spoke Thai and French but no English), I was treated to a splendid meal filled with authentic, zippy flavors. I started with som tom (obvs), and it was the best I've had outside of Thailand. I also ordered a squid dish with basil, bamboo shoots and fresh peppercorns. They did that super-duper awesome thing where they score the squid, causing the pieces to curl up and stay perfectly tender.

I think this place might even be worth a second visit...

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