December 18, 2008

Thai Food: Yeah, It's Really Good

So, I've now done a little bit of eating. And I look forward to much, much more.

Last night, Sulli and I went to a little open-air restaurant with wooden tables and benches. I got my first authentic taste of my stateside favorite, the downright miraculous som tom—raw shredded papaya tossed with chili, fish sauce, lime and peanuts. Over here, it also features more of those little dried shrimp; these ones were a little less funky but still salty and mildly crunchy. We also ordered sticky rice and some grilled chicken that came on the bone, with sweet chili sauce for dipping. The chicken was crazy moist, with a mix of tender light and dark meat.

This morning, I wandered around by my lonesome while Sulli finished her last day of school. I didn't go too far—I was a bit nervous about getting lost. But I did manage to wander around the morning market and catch an eyeful of miraculous fruits, three-foot-long green beans and loads and loads of fresh fish (not the best smelling place in the world).

Then I stopped for some street food on the way home—chicken over rice with a black pepper sauce. It was simple, but beautiful—especially with a drizzle of tangy chili sauce over the top. Total cost: Less than $1 USD.

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Elizabeth said...

this blog made me hungry!