December 26, 2008

Langkawi: Lots O Muslims, and Other Folks

It is very interesting to be in a place that is so heavily Muslim. Today, we went "Island Hopping"--a very popular activity here in Langkawi, which is surrounded by 99 islands--and the other four people in our boat were comprised of two couples. The women were in full head-to-to clothing and head scarves, even on the scorching beaches. We felt a little sheepish in our Western wares.

At one of the stops (there were more monkeys there!) we walked to a freshwater lake and the diversity of the populace was truly astounding. There was a Japanese family--the men in the all-too-common wiener-bikiner--doing cannon balls into the water. There were young Australian Muslim women in head-to-toe (and neck and head) swimming costumes frolicking and squeeling as only young women can. And there was every other breed of Aussie, Indian and Malay.

We, as the Americans, we the outliers.

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