December 21, 2008

The Beach, Sans Leo

OK, I ripped that photo off the internet, but it shows exactly what the beach we visited today looked like—dazzling limestone cliffs, dense foliage and clear blue waters. We had to take a boat (a long tail) to get there, and I spent more than half the day just relaxing in the water and giggling like a school girl. There were even little boat snack bars—perfect for glorious fruit shakes and grilled corn with lime and sea salt. Think The Beach without the drug runners and sharks (I hope).

We've been doing a lot more exciting eating—pad thai from a hole in the wall near Sulli's place, curry and pomelo (a less bitter variety of citrus similar to grapefruit) with chili and salt from the night market—and tomorrow we're heading to Panang, Malaysia, a place world famous for its melting pot of cuisines.

No Indonesia ($$$), instead we'll be spending a week or so in Malaysia, splitting time between Panang and the island of Langkawi. Then it's back up to Thailand for New Years in the islands.

My computer is staying in Krabi, but I'll be making an effort at semi-regular updates. Laksa: Get ready to be eaten by me.

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