December 18, 2008

Out of Touch

I left my cell phone in Philadelphia. Even with the Internet—and the blogging—I still feel a bit like I’m living off the grid. It’s liberating, but also makes things a bit more complex.

My friend and I actually had to make plans to meet when I got into Krabi. No “call you when I get there” business. We conversed via email in the morning, and she said she wouldn’t be able to leave school early to meet me at the airport. Instead I was supposed to take a bus into town and dawdle at a café until she arrived.

But as I was making my way through the airport’s sliding doors, she appeared. We embraced. It was beautiful. She had been able to cut out early after all, and that moment of spontaneous connection would not have been possible without the omnipresent cell phone.

There is one problem: I never know what time it is.

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