December 18, 2008

Ruminations from the Road

Some Notes From My Journal Recorded During My Various Flights:

- Will I ever be again be able to think of Alaska without thinking of Sarah Palin?
- What does it say about me that I was devastated Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two wasn’t an option on this flight.
- Is CSI Miami a joke? No, really.
- I walked off the plane in a rainy, fog-drenched Tokyo and was overwhelmed by the power of our modern age. The 14-hour flight might have gone a bit faster if I had managed to sleep more than 10 minutes, but it still feels like a miracle to traverse the entire United States and the breadth of the Pacific Ocean in less than a day.
- The Tokyo-Narita Airport was pristine and sprawling. It took me almost 20 minutes to walk to my gate. There were lots of vending machines and the bathrooms were beautiful.
- I have an entire row on my flight to Bangkok. Another miracle.
- Back in the Bangkok Airport.
- Just had my first pad thai of the trip; it was delish—filled with lots of tofu and little dried shrimp that tasted like low tide in Stone Harbor, NJ (in a good way).
- There is a very strange family in this cafeteria area. The father has to be an MMA fighter and his kids are roughhousing. I’m pretty sure he could crush me.
- Looking forward to some company.

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