December 15, 2008

No Wonder I'm Allergic to Kiwis: Eagle vs. Shark Made Me Angry

I guess unemployment leads to a lot of movie watching. I watched two more movies over the weekend (and saw another in the theater—Synecdoche, New York). One I had seen before (Two Days in Paris) and might have been even more excellent the second time around. And one I stumbled upon randomly on one of the myriad premium channels I don't get at my house (Eagle vs. Shark) and it made me angry.

In some ways, EvS is a classic quirky indie meet-cute comedy. But in other ways, it's about how lonely people will put up with anything, anything, from the person they've decided to love. Lily, our doe-eyed protagonist, is quietly pretty, endlessly kind and seems to get along with almost anyone. The object of her affection, Jarrod, is self-serious, depressed and endlessly mean and dismissive. But, who cares, they both like video games and crafting! This movie was the equivalent of a beer commercial fantasy for dudes who read Kotaku and like Moldy Peaches: No matter how insensitive and oblivious you are, some wonderful girl will devote herself to loving you.

After the denouement of Jarrod's nerd revenge subplot—spoiler alert: he beats up on a paraplegic with a set of nun chucks—he runs from Lily, and she chases. Are we supposed to be rooting for these two to end up together? So she can live life with a volatile, solipsistic, joyless man? For all you mutants out there who found these two to be the perfect pair, I hope you liked the ending.

(This movie does get bonus points for the beautiful New Zealand scenery and the oddly touching apple animation.)

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rejack said...

don't hate on kotaku readers. some of us are ok :)