December 26, 2008

Take That, Eli

My brother says I've been blogging too much about food. He can suck it.

Last night we went to a local seafood restaurant that had been recommended by an Australian woman who lives here full-time. She said the place surpasses its competitors (and stays cheap) by employing it's own fleet of boats daily.

At the entrance were piles of fresh fish, prawns, squid, clams and rays. You pick what you want, and they cook it for you. We started off with chicken satay and then enjoyed grilled squid in "local sauce," a mild and tasty curry with carrots and red onion, and a whole grilled local tuna with a kick-ass garlic rub. The fish also came with a fresh chili sauce dotted with tomatoes and onion that was spicy enough to hurt people.

Overall, it was one of our best meals to date.

1 comment:

Jack Silverman said...

Yeah, I'll bet it wasn't nearly as good as the pad Thai and Siam duck I had a couple nights ago at Siam Cafe.

No one knows how to make Thai food better than Nashvillians.