December 13, 2008

Check the Hair: Blagojevich is Unbelievable

Three days until I take this whole unemployed vagabond thing to a whole new level. Thailand here I come.

But for now, what I'm really fascinated by is the stupidest man in Illinois—and how he somehow managed to be elected governor.

I find that I'm constantly talking about believability. During a private viewing of The Jane Austen Book Club (bad, bad, bad movie), the factor that made me most incredulous—and there were many—was the lack of believability. Why would that super hot young guy be chasing an admittedly beautiful older woman who is intensely rude and ignorant of his feelings? Why are we supposed to be rooting for the curly-haired one to get back together with her philandering husband who broke things off with her in the coldest, most arrogant way possible? (Also, why do sad, curly haired women in movies so often show their happiness and rejuvenation by straightening their hair?) Why is the uptight prude lusting after her high school student and having clandestine meetings with him, in broad daylight, in the high school parking lot?!

OK, point made, deep breath.

But then something like this political scandal comes along and I realize that people often act in insane, unbelievable ways. If I sat through a movie about Blagojevich I would think it was a satire—a clumsy, heavy-handed satire. The delusional politician wheeling and dealing for good ole fashioned money and power; the guy is a caricature.

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