October 27, 2009

Packing for Paris: Culinary Edition

(Tonight I leave for Paris. I'll be there for one month, and hopefully blogging daily. Check back for more of my exciting adventures.)

One of the reasons I decided to rent an apartment in Paris (besides it being the cheapest option for a month stay), was because I can't imagine not being able to troll the markets and cook. To me, it's 75 percent of my motivation for even going.

My studio in the 5e (which I'll be seeing in person for the first time tomorrow, Eek!) had one of the more impressive kitchens in my price range. Though that isn't really saying much—many places had little more than a hot plate, while this one has two small burners and a modicum of counter space. It also has a nice wooden table for eating (and working and blogging) with a view out the sixth floor windows onto the Latin Quarter below.

I'm assuming the kitchen will have utensils and a knife or two—and I'm all about guerrilla cooking—but I thought I should bring a couple essentials to aid in the process. Mostly, that means my little, yellow Le Creuset (which has been in our family for years), a microplane for grating (cheese, obvs) and zesting, a peeler and a small wooden spoon. If I need to pick up a cheap skillet over there, it will be easy enough, along with any other needed supplies. How long do you think it'll be before I'm braising some lapin? Let the experiments begin!

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Leah said...

Hi Lee,
I'm really excited and happy for you! My vote, bring a kick-ass chef's knife and a whetstone. Cooking is sooo much funner with a solid tool. Sweet le creuset.