October 31, 2009

My First Real Bistro Meal: Salt Pork and Lentils

I kind of made a pact with myself that when ordering out at restaurants in Paris, I would explore the unfamiliar. Yes, I plan on downing some steak frites and soupe oignon gratine√©, but I also wanted to experience fare that you can't really find in the states. Today, I made good on that promise. At a small bisto in Le Marais, I ordered petit sal√© avec lentilles—or, salt pork over lentils.

The pork came out looking like a big piece of holiday ham, but the texture was amazing—it flaked apart, almost like really good brisket. The lentils (french lentils are really something special) were cooked with bacon and carrots and added a rich earthiness to each bite. It was subtle and delicious, and I walked away smiling.

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