October 30, 2009

My First Croissant: Better Than it Has Any Right to Be

As with most delicious things in Paris, this croissant exceeded expectations. On other intake related notes, I realized today that I have been riding the red-wine-café rollercoaster. I have an expresso, then a glass of wine with lunch, then an afternoon café, then a late afternoon verre de vin. It creates some funny sensations. I like it.

It also helped me enjoy the Musée D'Orsay a smidge more. I always forget that I find impressionism such a snooze—everything just looks kind of washed out to me. (I think it's because I have no soul.) Stoked for the Pompidou!

One final Seinfeld-esque observation: What's the deal with tourists taking pictures of famous pictures in museums? Do they think their friends and families won't believe they really saw it? It's the only explanation I come up with.

(For those of you interested in more pictures, check out my facebook. I've been posting a ton.)

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