October 29, 2009

Day Two: My First Market Haul

(Someone is playing trumpet somewhere, and I can hear it through my window. Beautiful)

I still have to get some protein for what is going to be some kind of braised meat-and-veggie dish, but I have returned from my first real food shopping trip. It was fun. And I got CHEESE.

I am also realizing the limitations of my rusty French. Sometimes I think it would be better if I didn't speak the language at all (that's a lie). The problem is that I can clearly state what I want, and in a very servicable accent. I appear to have my shit together, and then struggle with the follow up question. It's awkward. The casual speed and beautiful slurred-together lilt with which French people speak is charming, but makes it tres difficile pour moi to understand. That said, I have been here only a little more than 24 hours, so I hope that will improve.

So, back to the cheeses. One is a chevre with herbs, the other is something creamy and funky. They were awesome. Here's a picture.

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