January 5, 2009

Another Reason Why Thailand is Better Than the U.S.: Food on the Beach

At the Jersey shore, when we get hungry, we leave the beach, grab a hoagie or a sandwich back at the house, or maybe grab a granola bar out of a sand-filled cooler.

In Thailand, on the beaches near Ao Nang, there are floating kitchens—long tails serving blended fruit shakes, grilled chicken, pad thai, fried rice and Western food for the rubes.

But there are also people walking the beach, toting coolers filled with beer, soda and cold water. There are men carrying baskets on long sticks, grilling corn to order on portable charcoal grills and sprinkling them with sea salt. There are women selling fruit—mostly pineapple cut with such skill into sections that you can eat them like lollipops.

Thailand wins. (Though I could kinda go for a WaWa hoagie right now.)

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